Welcome to Madrid!

Welcome to Madrid

So you are in Madrid now? , feelig the air, listening to all those rare people speaking spanish so loud and singing all the time, partying soooooooooooo much, resaca?? what is that?, you may be asking yourself, well let me tell you that from now on you will listen that word a lot of times and it means HANGOVER! 😀 yes many crazy and unforgotable times are awaiting for you, let’s help us to make it bigger and crazier!

We want to welcome you to Madrid and offer you the possibility to join some of the coolest events in town like pool parties, the best, the most original and personal pubcrawl, trips, picnics, language exchanges and more with a bunch of international fellows and also spanish friends that want to connect with foreigners to exchange some of the culture  and some kisses too maybe, we never know! 🙂

Sign up now and let us help you to find you a flat, get all the info you need, and enjoy the fun articles and photos we upload everyweek, and discover all the incredible events we will create for you!

All we can only say is.. WELCOME TO MADRID and we hope that your time here becomes the best time of your life. With MADLife all that is possible!




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