8 Great places that offers live music in Madrid . (blues, rock, jazz, indie…)

If you like Live Music and you and you have a good taste for it, you should definitely visit some of the next bars that offers FREE CONCERTS  in Madrid with the best bands , because in Spain is not only Flamenco… 😉


1. LA COQUETTE (the best in my opinion)

Located in the center of the city, between Plaza Isabel II (Opera) and Sol, it’s most likely an underground cave only known by a few locals that want to keep the secret of this place for themselves… what a shame!!, thats why we want to share this amazing and secret place with you.

Live concerts of national and international groups share their magic from Tuesday to Thursday and on Sundays, the best Jam Sessions of blues in the whole city, where the best musicians of Spain take a break to meet up  and give people what they want… good music.

la coquette















2. Cafe Populart. Jazz every day of the year

In the legendary street of Huertas exactly in the number 22, you can find the equally legendary Cafe Populart, a  bar specialized in jazz that also program variations as the Latin jazz and Flamenco jazz and occasionally  blues.














3. La Boca del Lobo

In one of the streets with more bars per square meter (Calle Echegaray 11), is located La Boca del Lobo, a symbol in the Rock and Funky scenary in Madrid.

It is a place with a unique decoration and a friendly atmosphere. The concerts take place on weekends, on Wednesdays and Thursdays it’s up to the jam sessions to enlighten the night of Madrid (Funky, Blues and Rock). All performances are free admission and they start from 11.30 pm.
















4. La Fontana de Oro… Rock in a 1760 tavern, converted in an Irish Bar

The name of La Fontana de Oro says it all to people of Madrid, not because it has a special meaning but because it directly makes you think of the endless nights of fun, Guinness and Jack Daniels of this singular bar, one of the oldest in Madrid.

What matters to us is the legendary band that has been playing versions of Rock  music in this bar for several years. Hits that you, me and every music lover has listened at least once in their lives.

Live concerts from Thursday to Sunday starting at 11:30pm aprox. to 1:30am

Calle Victoria 3 (Metro Sol)


fontana de oro
















5. Moby Dick

“La Ballena más Rockera de la  Capital (The rockiest whale of the capital)” as the owners prefer to call it , now converted rather into the “Whale indie”,  has seen on its stage at Avenida Brasil 5, many great bands in the last 20 years  the club has been open, both national and international artists.


Moby Dick Club














6. Gruta 77 “The Capital of Rock”

The concerts at Gruta 77 (Calle Cuckoos, 6, corner with Nicolas Morales) usually take place from Thursday to Sunday. So far, nothing special… The most striking things happen on Sundays at the Vermouth Time (1 pm), when aperitif concerts are organized for free.


gruta 77














7 El Junco

An oasis of culture. A club that breathe the essence of local legendary jazz and music in which all the black roots converge. El Junco pays its particular tribute every night with  improvisations and the freshness of the rhythms of jazz, funk, soul, hip hop.
















8. Café Central… In the heart of Madrid

Right in the heart of Madrid this café-bar-restaurant, offers you a wide catalogue of concerts everyday. The day after a huge party with MADLife Madrid, perhaps you just want to chill with the best Jazz music in the city.

Plaza del Angel 10.


cafe central













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