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Not many people that comes to live or visit Madrid, know about the amazing places that La Comunidad de Madrid (Region of Madrid)  has to offer us: Mountains, lakes, rivers, beautiful flora and fauna, that’s a shame ahh!!?

Well, we know that and we know how to take you there! wether you speak spanish or not, wether you are an amazing athlete or someone that just enjoy to be surounded by the nature, you are welcome to join the most incredible and awesome group of Madrid: HIKING & FUN by MADLife Madrid, to discover what else Madrid has to show you besides its culture, tapas, beer, parties and monuments.

We knew people wanted something more than that and came across with the amazing idea of bringing you to the secrets of Madrid in company of nature lovers like you, people who you can comunicate with and also join the spanish people that come with us every year to practice languages!

The only thing you need to do is to go to the event Section and check when and where is our next hiking (every trip is to a different mountain), meanwhile take a look at some photos we took of the past hiking trips!

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