Trip to Fallas de Valencia 2020, LA CREMÁ ✺ Only 20€

★Las Fallas de Valencia, the most exuberant festival of the arrival of the Spring in the world!!! ★ La Cremá: Time to set the sculptures on FIREE!
Giant satirical sculptures of celebrities, politicians, sports idols, characters from movies, or simply made up from the creator’s imaginations, fireworks, music, and a lot of fun.
Because we are not only erasmus or international students, or only au pairs, or only spanish people, we are a mix of everything, we are Internationals!
The trip includes:
✔ Round-trip in private bus
✔ Photography Report
✔ Staff assistance
✔ Gifts, games and surprises
✔ Meet new cool international people
✔Bring all you want on the bus for FREE. Please note however that you must leave it under the bus in the trunk during the journey, and pick it up upon arrival in Valencia (clothes, food, drinks…).
★If you book as a group for more that 8 people you get a free bottle of Rum★
*Early birds special offer until February 25th ONLY 20€
(Only if you book before 25th and Like the main FB page MADLife Madrid)
From February 26th to March 05th ONLY 23€.
From March 06th to 19th ONLY 25€
If you bring 10 people you come for free!!(only until February 25th)
MEETING POINT: Moncloa – Paseo de Moret.
METRO: Moncloa, line 6 y Linea 3.
TIME: 09:00am
More information :
+34 667712161 (sms,call,whatsapp)
Let’s go to valencia !!
Tickets + Online fee (0.97)25.97 EURTrip to Fallas de Valencia 2020! (+online fee 0.90)
Just take a photo or screenshot to your purchase to show it the day of the Event
★Fallas de Valencia 2020, la fiesta que da la bienvenida a la primavera mas exótica del mundo, llega más cargada que nunca, fuegos artificiales,esculturas gigantes satiricas de politicos, personajes famosos, deportistas o simplemente ideados por los mismos escultores…★
Todo un espectáculo lleno de música, fuegos artificiales y color!
Ven con nosotros porque no solo somos erasmus, o solo au pairs, o solo gente de aquí… Somos una combinación de TODOS!
El viaje incluye
✔ Ida y vuelta en autobús privado
✔ Reportaje fotográfico
✔ Asistencia durante el viaje
✔ Regalos, juegos, y sorpresas
✔ Conoce Gente Nueva.
✔ Botella de ron si reservas con un grupo de 8 personas.
*Oferta especial de 20€ hasta el 25 de Febrero
(Reservando antes del 25 de febrero y dándole Like a nuestra página de Facebook MADLife Madrid.)
Del 26 de Febrero al 05 de Marzo solo 22€.
Del 06 de Marzo al 19 de Marzo 25€
Si traes un grupo de 10 personas puedes venir gratis!(Valido solo hasta el 25 de febrero)
PUNTO DE ENCUENTRO: Moncloa – Paseo de Moret.
METRO: Moncloa. Linea 6 y Linea 3.
HORA: 09:00
Mas Información:
+34 667712161 (sms,call,whatsapp)
Join us at:

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