27 Reasons why Madrid is the best city to study abroad!!

“Madrid is the most Spanish of all cities”  Ernest Hemingway


1. Because there is always a Reason to celebrate: San Isidro, Fogata de San Juan, Fiesta de la Paloma, Orgullo Gay, 2 de Mayo, etc, etc, etc




















Because spending a day at El Rastro  can give you the authentic Spanish Feeling!
















3. Relaxing and enjoying the company of friends and the beauty of Retiro Park!
















4.Because when Real Madrid or Atlético de Madrid win a Cup the city itself turns into a big party!
















5.Churros con chocolate will make your hangover go away!















6. Because El Tigre, 100 Montaditos, Museo del Jamón will boost your mood just for a few euros!
















7. Being  in the center of Spain, you can easily visit most Spanish cities by train, plane or bus within a couple of hours!


















8. Because it’s the only city  where you can see a real fight between Hello Kitty and SpongeBob Sqarepants for ‘clients’ and territory at Puerta del Sol!

















9. Beautiful sunset over Madrid, from El Templo de Devod!

Templo de Debod

















10. Because in the neighborhood of Anton Martin there are more bars than in the whole of Norway!















11. Because maybe in the biggest clubs of Madrid you can meet the love of your life (or just of a night)















12. You’ll see people using wigs for Christmas in Plaza Mayor, don’t ask us why, nobody knows!
















13. Rooftops? Just tell me when!























14. From alternative neighborhoods like Malasaña…


15. …To the luxury street of Serrano also known as “La Milla de Oro”! 

la milla de Oro
















16. ..Or the mix of cultures in the neighborhood of Lavapies!















17.Chill out and enjoy one of the most importants museums of the world: Museo Del Prado!
















18. But don’t forget Reina Sofia if you love contemporary art!

















19. Talking about a big cities… Walking down Gran Via will always bring you surprises. The big street of Madrid also known as “EL Brodway Madrileño” due to it’s numerous theaters!

















20. Because the price of alcohol is like water compared to other european countries!

















21. National parks? yeah right… as if Madrid had a lack of them, check out La Pedriza!

















22. It’s winter and you feel like skiing, snowboarding or play with the snow!


















23. but summer arrives and you still feel like skiing, snowboarding and play with the snow… Xanadu sports can fix that!
















24. Good vibes all around the city!

















25. Countless amounts of events and concerts every day!

















26. Because you can go “De Madrid al Cielo”!

















27. But most of all, is the great people you will meet, all of them with one thing in common…. PASSION FOR MADRID!…
















By Michael Delatorre Lion


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