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Hiking Escorial

Hiking & Fun El Escorial

¡Let's enjoy Sunday with a nice group of people and have fun in the mountains!

Hiking el escorial

Hiking Far West in Madrid

Meet people, put on your cowboy hat and let's go to disover a place where western movies have been filmed!

Social Club

Become a member of our international social club and discover exclusive venues and adventures waiting for you.


Discover the other fun side of Madrid by visiting some of the most beautiful and natural places near the city.


Meet new people in our interesting activities and experiences, from flamenco to travels and parties.

Explore Madrid

Pubcrawl & Parties

Social Gatherings

lets tandem

Au Pair Meeting, Welcome - Saturday (September)


Join us next September 12th 2020, where we will be gathering and sharing experiences with other au pair living and working in Madrid!

It's all about people

Alena Anderson
Albert Jhon
Erasmus Student
Mariya Anderson
Au Pair